Oct 24, 2007

Carbon Compensation - Dole Organic Team - ECUADOR

Dole Carbon Neutral Program has now started in the Organic Projects in Ecuador.

Leaded by Carlos Alberto Santos, Dole Organic Team in Ecuador compensated the Carbon emissions for the period 2007 - 2008 for their personal vehicules.

Nelson Marchan and Braulio Velez were the first in compensate their car´s emissions, so they got their DOLE ECO-Marchamo. They are also promoting the planting of trees to compensate the Carbon emissions for all vehicules among the independent organic banana farmers who export their fruit with UBESA - DOLE Ecuador.

Dole Ecuador own organic farm, Nueva Esperanza, will also compensate the carbon emissions from all the transportation vehicules by planting native trees on the farm. The farm is going to organize an activity to plant trees and celebrate a Carbon Compensation Day. We will report on this activity in the near future.

Worldwide accepted standards establish in 5.5 Tons of Equivalent Carbon, the emissions per vehicule per year. Those emissions can be compensated by planting 11 trees per car per year.

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