May 27, 2009

June 5, Carbon Compensation Day

If you are not able to join us at our Organic Pineapple Farm in Costa Rica this coming Friday June 5, but you still want to compensate the CO2 emissions from your vehicule here it is an alternative:

As we all live in the same house called EARTH, you can plant your 11 trees anywhere you want, take some pictures of you and your trees and send them to

DOLE ORGANIC PROGRAM will mail the CARBON COMPENSATED sticker for your vehicule!

Carbon Compensation Day - June 5

It is about time to compensate your vehicule's CO2 emissions for this year.
Next friday June 5, Environment Day, is just the perfect day to "pay" the planet for your emissions.

If you do not know how, Dole Organic Program has one tip for you: PLANT TREES!!!

As you may know, every gasoline / diesel vehicule produces 5.5 Tons of CO2 per year as an average, to help the planet to capture this CO2 you can plant 11 trees, and those 11 trees will do the job for you as each tree is capable to fix 0.5 Tons of CO2 as an average.

Dole Organic Program will compensate the emissions of company cars and agricultural equipment, by planting trees in the company farms. Dole is also encouraging its independent growers to join the initiative and compensate their vehicules and equipment emissions that day.

Together we can save the planet with small actions for a big change.

EARTH is the house where we all live.

May 11, 2009

The Other America - a BBC Documental

This BBC Documental shows part of the social impact that Dole Organic Program has created in Northern Peru.
Dole Peru -Copdeban works with more than 1500 small farmers organized in Associations since 2001 and that Sinergy is helping the small farmers to improve their living conditions in that region of Peru.
Dole Organic Bananas from Peru are exported to all the major markets.

Dole also created a Foundation to maximize the impact of the social and environmental projects funded by the company. Dole Foundation is operating since early 2009.